A trigger in my veins

Maybe not at this moment will I understand my true path in life. It may seem as clear as day but the purposes that are set to come have yet to be defined. I question many things in life and sometimes I think it’s hard to see what things hold for a future that are not in front of us . But each day I find to look for one thing and each day connecting that with another in hopes the path becomes clearer. As simple as watching Five foot two a personal documentary produced by Stephanie aka Lady Gaga and insightful peace for those who are open and receptive . That one video will have opened a new lineage of thinking amongst many others. Each day a struggle , a passion , a memory a glimpse will take place . The faith which directs us to our actions and reactions . People often speak of karmic ways or signs of a crazy person would see . This perceived as strange , unorthodox , not an insightful and a spiritual or even an artistic vision. It’s like veins through the living existence , each vein represents a twitch a lifeline a path. If I feel a pain throughout me from my neck downward I can remorse in the agony I feel and that which no one can ever understand but that lends to a greater strength than anyone outside of me can feel or know . It is the tending stretching and contracting the bone which aches not like a broken heart but resonates within my. So fierce that I can only solidify it into thoughts and words which will transpire . The words that may be mute for an occasion which pencils so quickly and erratically can not always be read . It is the words which are released to a society who may never understand . If I should reach one trigger through the veins of another I have continued to stretch my spirit , cleanse my soul and evacuate the flow within me to accept more from all that surrounds me . The trees are my comfort with their branches keeping me safe while the birds perched high above be the messengers of a beautiful sound to awaken me from a somewhat cationic state of exhaustion , let the blooming of flowers show the continuation that what once felt sorry would bloom again and may the grass on my feet always tickle toes like roots sprouting my inner spirit. With each window and doorway of a gentle breeze and the fresh air muffle my Smokey Newport’s as I reflect on the nights end . And cheers to the comfort of a touch that soothes me from humility and embrace empathy .

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