A whisper of salvation …

Confusion, Fear, and Loss.

Feeling the pain for a loss of a parent,  How do i look at this child and see the pain in their heart. Not a death which can not be recovered.  So what to do? Let life live its path?

Continuing to remove a person a parent from a past love ,  a  once savior why can’t,  don’t we face the tribulations of a lost soul? Why can’t we face the pain we see,  when we look at a photo. Its like a window of our past , a ghost from a life we once lived and loved or did we just know of any other?

How do you reach in that space and pull them out from the darkness that consumed them?

We are taught that there is a world where there is hope, love and that will surpass the negative in our human souls by simply asking for forgiveness or forgiving. What if we don’t want to be forgiven or rather just actions and words to be forgotten.

Can the stronger pray and ask for guidance for those who are lost? There may not be a candle to light their way, perhaps for a child they have a gift an ability through which the flicker so strong will warm the heart and shed away a darkness that is frowned from a memory once known. Let the love define the innocence to augment a reality.

Not ever wanting my child to face fear or danger or words thought to have never been spoken, it is my heart that I give to her when she feels the loss or pain she may feel until there is no more fear, loss, or pain, nor sadness when there are no near visions of  reunite.

I sense one arm in and the other out reaching to help pull some retribution in the life of a lost soul. Somehow we have to stop feeling the pain, guilt and sorrow.

If only to seek forgiveness and support through the strife and stipulation would it be known that the prayers could be heard but only if called to action and self restoration.

How do i protect my child even when knowing the fear that can be brought down to face the swords of life. To bear the cross when I am not catholic or Christian , Jewish or Islamic, as I bear the cross  figurativley to pray to all faiths may it be be Hindu, or Buddhist  for that moment or Catholicism in seeking for fate to be healed. That it may protect my child always .

May it offer him salvation from and for him. When the vows of sacrament are taken and believed it is in protection of those who came before and to come,

I look at my child and see her strength, I see love and laughter.

I see the same cobble stoned walls with the arched wooden door with the beauty of ivy climbing around and through to the sky. Purple and yellow, bright pink flowers like trumpets which show the way to the sunlight filled white wooden windows, with panes so old they rattled with a bit of morning breeze through the airways.

Our thoughts are our actions and words so say what you feel and write as you will, but do neither, and the words will be all that remains in an empty dark room.

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