So here it begins ….

I start today by creating a  blog or as I would say a place where i can share my thoughts which each of you. a hopeful venue for all who also bask in the idea of digital world writing Perhaps i am now realizing this too, I tend to write or journal from post its to envelopes to well just about anything when it comes to mind. Often I would find myself opening the night table drawer thumbing to find the light on my digital LED lamp which one only hopes saves money each month from the traditional bulb which is sworn to be the least cost effective.

So about myself – i am not a traditional writer by any sense, you may find my grammatical english diversely non traditional. i write as i feel and as i hear the words spill out on a paper. i am happy to engage in conversations and offer clarifications but i hope that these words will be a sort of unorthodox poetry or hymn if you will . Sometimes it may rhyme, others time you would have to have a wild imagination to understand it  unless for some reason you have had a few glasses of wine and you may think wow thats deep – which hey ill take that too –  which ever way you read my work i hope you find it enjoyable , touching, and mommentarily satisfying or hungry for more !! now that would be great !. I have yet to find a spell check on this so that may take some time to achieve.. Appreciate your time in joining me as i share my daily (Sometimes even more than once a day) or perhaps even weekly random thoughts or perceptions as on may say.  As readers grow i feel myself wanting to share more and give more – my thoughts are of a fictional nature but may be perceived how ever you pleasure to enjoy the writings.



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